Cassava Sciences (SAVA): A Shambolic Charade

Enea Milioris, PhD    Adrian Heilbut, PhD    Jesse Brodkin, PhD    Patrick Markey, PhD

2022/11/28: CTAD 2022 Poster - Rigor and Replication in Alzheimer's Therapeutic Development: A Case Study [pdf]

2022/07/01: Letter to Journal Editors: New Evidence of Serial Deceit and Editorial Failures [pdf]

2021/12/10: Cassava and the Wang Lab: Seeing Through The Blind

2021/11/29: SavaDx Presentation (PDF)

2021/11/03: SAVA Charade Presentation (PDF)

Full Letter & Report to FDA (23 page PDF)

Remi Barbier, in his own words